YooYooYoo_ t1_je92aca wrote

Not that long ago most people would live their lives without leaving their villages/county, they knew no other cultures or ways of living, life was what it was and all they knew. According to that article life then was boring and bland and maybe it was, maybe not.

I feel like only now we are so expoiled and overstimulated that some people get anxiety if there is not constant change in theit lifes, new places, new food, new people...

It never used to be like that and it isn't nor will ever be more boring or bland than it was few centuries ago when you knew a hundred of people all over your life, 5 places and 3 different food alternatives.


YooYooYoo_ t1_irkmy0x wrote

Ah yes, the singularity.

Once the AI is in charge of the progress we won't be able to catch up with it...and probably be discarded.

Only way I see for this not to be the inevitable future is to somehow, be able to conect our brains to the computers so humans can amplify their capacities and try to keep pace/be in charge of that progress.

One way or another, if inteligence is evolution's consequence, this is just the next step in evolution and we have to deal with it in the same way millions of species had no chance to put up with us.