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Limiting buildings to tree canopy height cements the housing crisis. We need high density housing.

It's a bad situation to be in. Every where you look there's pain.


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I don't know where you're getting the "formal procedure" for annexation not being followed. Congress changed the law on this to initiate annexation, and McKinley signed that and subsequently moved forward with annexation without the need for a ratified treaty.

The state then subsequently went through the actual statehood process many times.

There was obviously major opposition throughout the process, especially by a native majority who pushed the senate hard to disapprove the original treaty, lbut this was ultimately defeated via the change in law for annexation.

The president absolutely signed the joint resolution by congress to change annexation rules and then subsequently did so.

Cleveland supported the Kingdom of Hawaii, but McKinley subsequently trounced it and basically gave Dole the governorship.

You can't just say "the US government supported the Kingdom of Hawaii". The US government is made up of thousands of people, holding variable positions on things. The US governments interests change with the leadership.


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Hawaii become a territory in the late 1800s and voted on statehood many times before ww2. The annexation of Hawaii is way more complicated than fucking Japan insulation, that's just flat out ignorant. Sugar plantations basically forced the monarchy out, and votes went back and forth for decades before being approved by 90% of the population because they wanted full voting rights in the union. As a territory they already had "insulation" from Japan, as the US defends territories all the same as states.

Additionally you said it's 1/2 pineapple plantation. Most of the pineapple industry has long long left Hawaii and gone to southeast asia / the Phillipines.

From my perspective you know jack fucking shit about Hawaii.