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Sure, if you want to point out that cops violate your right to own firearms. That's what you mean by that, right? That you have a constitutional right to own a firearm making the excuse "they had a gun" a violation of those rights, right?


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Run it down the list.

How are you physically? Most of us psychologically traumatized are often physically fine. But the body remembers things we don't. Got weird aches and pains going on?

Next, socially. Do you have family, friends, people who support you?

Intellectually. Any disorders or conflicts there? Do you adhere to stoic principles or collapse under pressure? Have you been tested for ADHD or autism?

Finally spiritually. Are you mad at extracosmological forces? Or are you in tune with them?

If you're good in all these fronts then... You good. And that's cool too. Some people have higher resistance to trauma than others. You may also have normalizing influences others don't have.

But if you see issues on any of these, see a doctor.