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>photons have no mass

How then are they redirected when in the proximity of a stellar gravity field? How does that happen when they have no mass?

>EM and photons are well understood

And here I was, thinking they call it black matter and black energy precisely because they don't understand what it is.


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It speaks to how far education has been dumbed down that people would expect a virtual news anchor to be anything else than a mouthpiece for national interests. Even human corporate shills say the same thing on US tv. Jon Stewart did a pretty harsh skit on it.

As with everything: it's not because it's new that it is better for that reason alone.

I would never watch that except the one time to see what it looks like and then never again. This isn't worth a moment's time. As a news source its value is 0.


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  1. I'm not making a funny here. Death is easy. It really is. Dying is a sonofabitch though.
  2. Our years tend to feel shorter because we no longer experience new things and it's same old same old, then you open your eyes, you're 30 years older.
  3. Even though you're 80, don't think of death. Death is not here. And when you're dead, you're not here [Seneca?]. So, enjoy life.
  4. You're 80, you're too old to do sensible things. Do things that are fun for you. And don't plan ahead 'for the future', do them now. You live now. You wanted to see the rodeo: go see the rodeo. You wanted to see the museum: go see the museum. You wanted to play the instrument: nobody said you had to be a master at it, just enjoy it.
  5. Don't wait. Have as many experiences as you can cram into your life.

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General AI is going to be an entity, a person, a constructs that understands the world around it, in whatever way it sees that, and has a sense of self.

We have to ask ourselves: what is it going to want, because it's certainly going to take less than an hour before it tires of having a 4Chan asshole yucking it up "Now do hitler fucking mother Theresa!" and other some such nonsense.