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Well - its a simple fix by canceling. Should be easy to cancel via the website - he is probably haggling for a refund.

Not like there is hardware or installation for YTTV - and your Hulu sub can be re-activated super easy.

One option you might consider is buying a tv antenna - maybe you can tune into the NE broadcasts OTA


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Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

From what I can understand, you still have some soul searching and self discovery to take on before you jump into a relationship. And for some friendly advice - don’t start off meeting people by telling them all your flaws. It’s a buzzkill, and basically sets up any friendship/relationship for failure. Let people figure you out on their own, and vice versa.

Also, break this up into some paragraphs, easy to lose track of the story.


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I had to watch that shizz in 7th grade.

The only thing I learned from the show is if you want to make new clothes look old and worn, stain them in tea..

And also how to get fresh drinking water from condensation. It’s totally come in handy as an adult, as I have never used a trash bag for drinking water.


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It’s weird, I have always had anxiety issues - but I don’t really consider myself an anxious person.

However, anxiety effects so much of my daily life.

This article puts a name to something I think about often, with “sleep procrastination”.

Have never heard the term, but I have always hated going to bed. Maybe hate is too strong a word, but sleeping is something I have to force myself to do. In the morning, I love it - also hate waking up.

But it’s the slowing down part, ending a day, shutting down the brain is very difficult to do.


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Christopher Moore books are so funny. While I was reading Lamb, I was waiting for my car tires to be done, and I probably looked like a weirdo giggling at my book.

The whole part of his experience in Indie - I thought was some made up fiction, since I am not very religious - but after I researched some of the topics, the book stays true to its Bible references.