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I mean the quality of the math education I received is directly related to the quality of my teacher. So theres that lol.

An average ratio of 1:11, using the same formula for comparison with all 50 states, is real and useful data. I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit with your world view.


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Boy, this doesn’t really fit with the mythology that we hear all the time does it? The myth centers around the notion that teachers are somehow underpaid, overworked, and forced to spend their own money.

The reality is that teaching is a part-time job with every summer and weekend off, according to data you will only have 11 kids in your class on average so there’s not that much grading to do, and there’s a tax deduction that allows teachers to get extra money back for anything they put in Out of their own pockets beyond what the school has budgeted for.

Enough of the whining, this is a profession to embrace for its benefits.


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This is why LL Bean had to become more strict in its policies - shoppers develop unrealistic expectations. 3 years of service from a cheap $70 air fryer, which is just plastic, a fan, a printed circuit board, a heating element and a plug is pretty good. IMHO.