YuGiOhippie t1_j25mm7g wrote

If you cannot choose to care or not you are not really caring or not caring.

A puppet can act as if it cares but it’s a meaningless act.

A puppet forced to care by the laws of causality doesn’t really care. It’s not authentic because it’s forced.

Do you love me if i tell you with a gun to your head that you must love me? Of course not. Even if you swear YOU LOVE ME : if i forced you to say it : it is not authentic.


YuGiOhippie t1_j1yx3ab wrote

If you’re whole life philosophy can be simplified to “we are puppets is that so bad?”

I pity your view of the world. What a huge nihilist waste of time this universe is.

The holocaust? We are puppets, that’s not so bad.

A child tell it’s mother he lovers her. We are puppets, who cares?

This very argument we are having - why have it - shouldn’t we all kill ourselves and end it? we are puppets what’s so bad?

Basically you don’t have a philosophy of life. You have a non-philosophy of non-life.