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For years, low interest rates led to an environment where too much capital was pursuing too few opportunities. This is no longer the case.

The startup world has always been subject to boom and bust cycles, and this is a feature not a bug. Tough times force entrepreneurs to get creative and adapt, which in turn helps lead to innovation.

It's no coincidence that, historically, some of the most successful startups get founded during or just after economic downturns.

This article is emblematic of just how fat and lazy "Silicon Valley" has become. SVB's failure will present challenges, but it is also an opportunity.

If people like the author of the article are not up to these challenges, they should just pack it up, go home and let the people who are get to work.


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> the entire region of cheap labor overseas is about to become unstable.

One should also consider that the US is the primary security detail for the world's trade routes.

For example, China isn't able to secure its oil shipments from the Mideast. It piggybacks on the security the US provides. If China had to pay for its own security...