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Probably schizophrenia. For some reason the disease tends to have a strong correlation between religion and technology. For example, they often report to have a chip implanted in their brain or radio waves affecting their brain. They often report seeing or communicating with angels or God. Somehow, they are entangled in this web between good and evil forces. So they try to connect the dots and make sense of it all and wind up with ramblings like this page


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> “If it is hallucinogenic, by its very nature, by how we refer to it, you’re going to be seeing something that’s either not there or amplified in some way and my guess is you really need to have good vision and be aware of your surroundings while you’re driving,” he said.

"It's ok, officer, I have 20/20 vision. Sure, there are a lot of bats out here today, but am able to dodge them every time. Plus, I can read minds. I mean, I don't know the words you're thinking but the color is definitely purple, with little flashes of yellow."


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Certainly see a lot of throwaway accounts here looking to scam people out of money and time. I'm sorry. I don't buy your story at all because you've spent the entire time pulling on heart strings and almost zero about what you have actually done. Did you call 211? Did you call family? Did you knock on the door of a shelter? Did you get a gym membership (showers). What did you do? Nothing. Because this story is fake and this is a scam.


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Walk over to your neighbor and ask if they can help you. You can arrange an Uber ride. Call friends and family.

Yes, it's very inconvenient, yet snow plows HAVE to get through. If you're disabled or elderly, it is expected that you have someone in your life for situations like this. I'm sorry there are no programs for you for these situations but they honestly don't happen that often. So you're getting the hard truth: ask for help.


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Reply to comment by desdif in Starlink? by desdif

I've been having the same issue (with optimum) with the random disconnects. I should be getting 200mbps but wasn't night. I had to reboot my cable modem. My point is that you can run a speed test and if you're not getting the bandwidth you're paying for, call optimum for tech support.

Optimum and Frontier (fiber only) are the the two best services in our area. I'm switching to Frontier next week.


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Reply to Starlink? by desdif

Starlink would be way slower and more expensive. Optimum should be fine for working from home. Maybe you need to troubleshoot with them or get faster optimum service?


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Yes, that is, and has been the standard bs for some time now. My best advice is to keep on them and they will still send you your checks even if you've already returned to work. They owe you that money from the weeks you were not working regardless of their problems.


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> Gov. Ned Lamont unveiled a plan Thursday to pay down as much as $2 billion in medical debt for Connecticut residents using $20 million in federal relief fund.

Not sure how that math works. Plans like this scare me because the cost tends to just get pushed to the taxpayer. I already pay an obscene amount for my own medical insurance and high deductible. How about Lamont put together a bill requiring lower deductibles for all healthcare plans and require full coverage after it is met. None of this "we pay 80% of your hospital visit after the deductible bs."

I also need an explanation as to how these hospitals can bill over $1000 for a COVID PCR test.


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The government tried to Eversource responsible after the last big hurricane and Eversource's response was to jack-up prices after it all died down to recoup their losses. So I trust Eversource to always find a way to bill it back to the customer.


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> Can't file suit in CT without a report signed by a doctor of the speciality of the relevant standard of care, certifying the standard, the breach, and the causation. So that's been done.

I can't honestly find anything which backs your claim here. I did some googling and not seeing anything about the state requiring another doctor to sign-off on your lawsuit. Logically, that also seems counter-intuitive, as it's like requiring a police office to sign-off on your complaint to Internal Affairs.

So please provide a source to put this debate to rest. I don't think what you said is necessarily true.