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You absolutely have tried to argue origin. You have zero idea what you're talking about and are asserting opinions about words that are not in alignment with centuries of documentary evidence. Evidence I personally studied as an undergrad archaeology and anthropology major with a focus on Mesoamerica. Your title is bad, and so are your arguments.


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It is hilarious that you keep tripping over my point and yet thinking that it's not the point. You are factually wrong. Those words are not spanish. You are also wrong about the words computer and coffee, neither of those have the origins you have ascribed them. You really need to just Google the word etymology with words you think you know where they came from. You clearly are pulling all of this out of your ass.


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Prove? Anyway, a lot of those words come from Nahuatl which is an indigenous language from the Uto-Aztec family. How do I know? The part where I was an undergrad archaeologist who went to Mexico for research a couple times. You can also just look it up pretty easily. Someone linked to it in this post even.