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You are now assuming that every atom has to be copied with the exact same position and speed or something? But that is not correct. When you copy a limb, say a human arm to another person, it will still work even if it's different in a lot of ways. Accuracy can be improved but the copy is not, nor need to be too precise. And when you go into the computer representation, the format of data is already drastically different.


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It doesn't have to be 100% identical transfer to be fully recognizable by others and the person him/herself. Also i won't be using the word copy because when you "move" a file the original is lost. So is the brain in this case. If we talk about it as a copy then it's not an improved "you" but a new entity entirely. Ideally you could still think uninterrupted during the transfer process, in all points from 0% to 100%. Needless to say for science being able to do that all is still too far in the future.


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What are you referring to? There is no information yet in this discussion thread. As someone who has never used LinkedIn but considered it i don't know what you're talking about. Also from EU.


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The barrier is only technological. It is not yet possible to achieve human level intelligence on a machine. We are not talking about scripted chat bots, those have existed for over a decade. Every developer knows the need for such software is there, it's just that they are not able to.