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Yeah but the world is that of the author. You can’t say something isn’t possible just because it wouldn’t actually exist. The hate comes from you sounding like an asshole for saying “Yeah that can’t happen”


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Name: Zarconia

Features: Zarconia’s rotation around its axis is at the same rate as it revolves around the sun, so half of the planet is in perpetual darkness.

There are creatures in both halves of Zarconia, though creatures of the light side can’t stand darkness and vice versa.

Zarconia shows signs of an alien race that had long since died, and apparently had lived in halves of the planet.

Song: The Search by Andrew Prahlow, Outer Wilds OST


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I stared at the aliens, confused. “How did you get here? We’ve proven that traveling faster than light is impossible.”

Correct, the voice in my head responded. These creatures spoke with their minds instead of mouths. It still creeped me out a bit. We got here by slowly traveling through space. What concerns us, however, is you.

“Wait, us?” I exclaimed.

We did not expect there to be anything left on this planet. When we left, it was devoid of all life, the voice calmly said.

“So,” I started to say, “You’ve been traveling for…”

Around 65 million years, give or take.

I whistled. “Your species lasts this long?”

If the creature could laugh, it would have. Instead it made some sort of wheezing sound. No, we are descendants of those who left our home. Be glad you did not meet those who originally left.

“Why?” I asked.

They… it paused. They had some, let’s say, radical views. They wouldn’t hesitate to repeat what they did before. You see, it was them who sent the missile.

My eyebrows furrowed. “What missile? And how do we not know about this.”

The alien sighed in my mind. Because that missile wiped out all life on this planet 130 million years ago.

Edit: thanks for the typo u/braoutchmeuh! Completely missed them when writing it.


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Glad to hear everything is ok now. My thoughts are Damien was possessed by a spirit (unlikely), or he is a little insane. His actions are pretty extreme, so he might not be in the right mind. The crash seemed to get him out of it, which is very good news. Those glances you have may just be PTSD from the incident, but definitely keep tabs on him. If he gets too clingy, tell someone else about it. Glad to hear you’re ok OP!


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Definitely a smart move to never take that exit again. Perhaps the monster pulled you into a dimension where the world was looped? Just going around in a circle forever, or possibly having two portals that you went through to go back to the beginning.

If this happens again, I’d be interested to see what happens if you instead went backwards. It could bring you back to our world, or continue going in the loop. I’m not suggesting this, but if you got stuck again I’d be curious. Also if you didn’t have the radio in your car, I wonder how the monster would tell you to take the exit? Possibly through your phone?


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Most likely a dimensional shift. Turbulence on an airplane is a common form for people to accidentally shift. If you had any contact with anyone else from the plane, contact them immediately and find out what they’re doing. If they’re fine, then you’re the only one who shifted.

I’d recommend staying in the hotel. There’s a possibility that someone comes in and knows how to shift back or escape in a way that won’t kill you. Otherwise, enjoy your time and free drinks. You don’t have to worry about work, so imagine this as your retirement.

Stay safe.


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You need to somehow check where you buried her without anyone noticing. Especially your “sister who returned”. If the body is still there, then it’s probably a changeling or a skinwalker, or someone just masquerading as her. If not, then someone or something has resurrected her. I’d seek help with either of these scenarios, but make sure that you are never alone with your sister. We have no idea how she’ll react, so it’s best to always be with someone else. Also make sure you carry a pocketknife or some kind of weapon in case she tries to attack you.

I that it’s just someone masquerading, but I suspect not. Hope this helps you out OP.