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Could a yearly dose of MDMA (or psilocybin/mescaline/LSD) ever replace the daily regiment of something like SSRIs/SNRIs to combat depression for some people? Would that be more effective with less damage? Or less effective and just as damaging? Has any study ever looked at such a thing? I’m sure it’s a very complex problem with many dimensions, I’ve just personally always been interested in this topic as an avid psychonaut with an interest in pharmacology. I’ve personally had really positive experiences from such drugs and I know that without them I would have had much worse mental health. They helped me in the same way that pharmaceuticals do for others. I’d be interested in seeing them become official parts of the pharmaceutical arsenal.


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There are phone scams going around these days that threaten to kill you and your whole family claiming they are from cartels unless a large sum of money is paid. Sometimes these scammers also use phone #s to track the people’s personal info down and use that to further try to extort money from them. I think not enough coverage of this has been done in the media but you can look it up there are a lot of people experiencing this.


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His name is He Jiankui and he was released in April this year. He gene edited twin girls to become immune to HIV. The twin girls are being monitored by the Chinese government for a long term study now, but gene editing is still in an ethical grey area due to a lack of long term research. Both girls have been reported as being healthy so far.