Zandrick t1_j9r01tb wrote

Those are two very different statements.

“Nobody told me” implies withheld information, like a secret.

“Choose not to inform myself” is a failure of personal responsibility, sure.

But either way, you are talking about ignorance, both things are ignorance. If someone withholds secret information from you, you are ignorant of that information.


Zandrick t1_j9pmc4s wrote

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. “Because nobody told me” is the actual definition of ignorance.

I do agree though, that critical thinking is more important than wrote memorization.


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If a person can come away from a discussion with a statement “the way they salt the roads is sexist”. The discussion was a waste of time, because that statement is foolish.

Never get so high minded that you need to re-explain a simple statement with five paragraphs and a thesis statement in order to make that statement make sense. Just make the original statement make sense. The way they salt the roads is not sexist, that’s absurd.

“We should salt the roads differently because the way we do it now is not optimal.” Easy, truthful, means the same thing without accidentally calling into question anyone’s moral character.


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Yeah this is exactly right. I think if you look at the chicken place and decide it’s racist for using things like propensity to eat out and location to large thoroughfares, like the other guy was saying. But then conclude the chicken place is racist, it’s like you weren’t willing to accept any other answer.

These issues are correlated but pointing the finger of causation at the chicken place itself doesn’t make sense and doesn’t lead to any kind of useful solution.

Is relevant, because it’s what they seem to be doing in this article with sexism. Apparently only men are working these specific jobs? That’s not about the trains being built in the wrong location.