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Well we already know that if you are high in conscientiousness in the big 5 personality traits, you are likely to be conservative, and Openness predicts for more left leaning views, this is seems to be before political views are established.

I'd say that it's definitely likely we see the world vastly differently, and that changes our political opinions for sure. Idk if it's a actual biological marker, like different part of the brain develops differently, that seems odd.

I'm actually deeply interested in what enables us to perceive the world. And it seems like we see patterns, which enables us to see stories & objects, which enables us to assume things as good/bad. These patterns and subsequent stories we see, change what we look at. For instance, we assume ppl in the store won't kill us. Or we see the pattern of faces in abstract designs (like the famous martion face on mars). This deeply influences everything about how we perceive the world, so we might be extremely sympathetic to the poor, or maybe we look at the world more rationally. Experiences, culture and so on all help shape this world view, or what patterns we see as relavent, because ofcourse their are infinite amount of patterns to perceive. So it stands to reason that these will significantly have an effect on our political stances.


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I am wondering the same thing... I'm looking to learn to code now, and change careers in 6 months or so. I want to be out of field service by the end of the year. Gonna be pissed if I learn python, AWS, Java, Bash & kubernetes and there are no jobs for me.

This tech layoffs don't seem to be saying exactly the fields or ppl that are losing their jobs, and it doesn't feel like any large group of ppl are experiencing issues enough to complain, atleast not yet.


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I mean.. I'd Link you a study that says effects of wind turbines is largely unknown, but it shows that bats are being driven away from habitats as a result, but something tells me you'd simply ignore it, and just go with whatever information backs your argument up, rather then pursuing truth. But hey, maybe I am wrong.... O wait, this post is literally a link to that exact study, how convenient.


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Eh. Ecosystems are quite fragile. We don't know the repercussions of this, it seems to be effecting local flying animal life, which way lots of insects, and the insects can be devastating to local fauna, farms, and even humans. It doesn't matter many bats to help clear an area of mosquitos for instance.

Your comment reads like someone who is desperate to defend wind energy, and prove it is "right", rather then trying to find the best path forward.