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What can I say , you don't understand the Indian supreme court and just saying random nonsense. I just explained to you why Indian judiciary is more powerful and independent from politics compared to Russia and hybrid regimes or even many democracies.

I just explained to you why there isn't a slide in any direction. Its mostly flat and there is protections from major downturns due to the justice system and various other factors. No sense in explaining to a person who is already made up his mind.

If you can't differentiate between consistent issues with downturns/slides. I can't expect much out of you , bye.


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You have asked a good question about how what is there to stop it if things worsen , first would be the Judiciary as it's strong and trustable as it's kept out of poltics as it there are more number of supreme judges and the selection process of judges is better unlike Usa where judges are selected by presidents and are fewer in number thus more controllable. Indian judiciary is good and maintains a lot of power.

When Soviet union dissolved Russia inherited a very weak justice system which allowed Putin to seize power and keep himself very strong. The difference between the powers of the judiciary in the three pillars is much better in India.

Second would be the diversity , the linguistic , cultural , regional differences in India is so much that it's hard for anyone group to dominate without extreme resistance. On the other hand Russia is mostly Russian speaking. Russia is diverse as well but still majority Russian. It's very hard to go Russian levels in a country with no clear majority group.

That's why it makes a person look stupid when he/she says there is a clear downtrend and things could go bad as Russia. It ignores alot of stuff which is different and a lack of clear trend to either direction. I really think after this explanation you're not gonna say stuff like there being a downtrend and compare or bring up Russia because that would be make you look ill-informed and not capable of understanding the difference between trends and consistent issues. If you think these issues could worsen to Russian levels or hybrid regimes levels then read the top portion of the comment again otherwise it will make you look dumb.

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Every democracy has faults , countries like USA operated and still does operate Guantanamo bay and CIA helped in coup of many governments in Latin America and still interfere in many places as well but nobody won't consider Usa undemocratic. Its democracy with flaws. Ranked as a flawed democracy by EIU as well.

One could make comparisons with Russia as well to bring into light of USA's latest faults in judiciary parts as well but that comparison would be illogical as well.

Full fledged democratic countries like Finland has less humans rights problems and freedom of press is really good so Finnish people will see these problems as major downward trends or make comparisons with Russia even though Russia has glint for a few years after being communist and a monarchy for like a few hundred years. That's not an apt comparison and closer to slippery slope fallacy.

Small threats in grand of scheme , these aren't gonna do anything major. I concede on using the word small threats I should have just threats but you should too concede on comparisons with Russia. That would be fair.


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I am not ignoring anything I just said replied with my perspective of what constitutes as big threat and small threat. Crisis makes threats big.

Glint of democracy in 90s Russia is different from 70+ years of democracy. Russia is not a good cautionary tale but let's agree to disagree.

I agree , EIU ties India and Poland at 46th which is pretty bad. You're not getting what I am saying , I am saying that there is not much of trend , if you say there is threats that I agree with but threats which is gonna make drastic changes or moves that I disagree. Hope that clears it up.


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I am going by the Freedom house freedom ranking there it's closer to eastern European countries and much better than Sri Lanka , Ukraine etc. Which are actually under the threat of going to Russia levels cause they are in economic crisis/wars.

Russia has never been a democratic since the collapse of Ussr in 1991. Saying a country which has been a democracy for 75+ years is suddenly gonna collapse to Russia levels is insane and that too without any crisis or wars.

I agree that India always had a problem with freedom of press and overreaching laws but saying it's gonna go strongly in any direction is not logical. Indian democracy will do little movements in any side thus making claims that there is a trend or anything is not logical.

I agree that India needs to take actions but I will disagree with you on sudden downturns and Russia comparison.


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I am not invalidating V-Dem in any way I just said I am curious about the difference. Agreed that more isn't always better , too many indicators might reduce the quality and weightage.

I believe when looking at V-dem , Freedom house , EIU together we could get a more clearer picture rather than picking and choosing. Again there isn't a clear path in Indian democracy , the path in Indian democracy right now is closer to Eastern European which aren't at war right now and some countries like USA where the supreme court reversed some crucial judgments.

Countries like Israel , Ethiopia , Sri lanka etc are very sensitive democratically. There isn't a path more of ups and downs between years similar to most democracies not under major threats. Most democracies are under small threats all the time.

I agree that every democracy should try to eliminate small threats and always improve.


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Never said that they aren't. Yes they are under threat but a major trend downwards or upwards isn't gonna happen anytime soon. The general movements are small to either direction. Last year EIU improved India a bit some other decreased if by a bit.

Countries where there are rapid political and economic shifts are the ones where I would say they are under threat like Israel for example or countries under crisis or wars. India is for now stable in these matters so drastic shifts are probably not gonna happen.

When comparing freedom house and V-dem the differences are drastic as countries like India gets 66 on freedom index while Sri Lanka gets 54 and Ukraine gets 50 but on V-dem India is lower than both of them. Even though Sri-lanka went through removal of its president. On the EIU India is above them. Not disregarding the index but just curious. However I agree with you but I think the level of threats isn't as severe as It is in countries which are going through some sort of crisis like Israel , Sri lanka etc. It is closer to eastern side countries like Poland which India tied with in EIU.


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I kinda agree but Aqi in July was 70 and now it's above 500. Aqi is satisfactory in months before the stubble burning. Stubble burning plays the majority role in this condition of Delhi and surrounding cities. There are larger and more industrialise cities with less pollution. If stubble burning is stopped there will be no such articles. It's deflection to blame Industrialization when stubble burning is literally engulfing dozens of cities.


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Well Industrialization means moving away from agriculture to manufacturing the above comment was hinting it's manufacturing to blame thus the Industrialization. Agriculture is a industry but Industrialization refers to switch from agri to manufacturing so your comment is not well thought out.


"Industrialization is a transformation away from an agricultural- or resource-based economy, toward an economy based on mechanized manufacturing."


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The article was mostly concerned with fertilizer so I pointed that out. Other than very necessary fertilizers , oil is the biggest purchase it's due to global oil prices rising so getting cheaper oil is to prevent recession. Well almost all oil is unethical so it doesn't matter if it's from Saudi or Russia.


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In order to understand the Global hunger index , we need to look at its methodology.


It's a peer reviewed study. So nothing shady is going on. They are very transparent about their work.

They classify their scores on the index according to 4 categories

Undernourishment: the share of the population with insufficient caloric intake. (1/3 score)

Child stunting: the share of children under age five who have low height for their age, reflecting chronic undernutrition. (1/6 score)

Child wasting: the share of children under age five who have low weight for their height, reflecting acute undernutrition. (1/6 score)

Child mortality: the share of children who die before their fifth birthday, partly reflecting the fatal mix of inadequate nutrition and unhealthy environments. (1/3 score)


In India's case -

35% are under nourished 19% are wasting under 5 16% are stunting under 5 3% mortality rate under 5

UNGA appreciated India for our logistics in social services. The problem plaguing India is not lack of food. But lack of quality food.


The problem India is facing can be fixed with eggs. But there is social problems associated with it. India needs to deal with this problem our own way.

The govt didn't reject it but claimed it was misleading for its name. I think I saw it on their website as well.