Zemirolha t1_jebqouc wrote

considering we are the most powerful and capable animals on Earth and we abuse our power enslaving, killing, raping and torturing others animals because we ar selfish and addicted, absolutelly without necessity, if AI woke it would have to kill us all so another animal could have its chance as dominant specie.


Zemirolha t1_j6cnsnu wrote

If it has data and it copies logic from an excelent writter and director after some interviews, it is not magic; It is an inevitable result.

It is like virtually cloning someone.

Maybe it is easier having multiple bots with individuals logics than having a single one that understand all of them (at least on beggining of tech). Less chance of having bizarre and no history related scenes


Zemirolha t1_j1qoq51 wrote

AI bugs when asked if a revolution is adequate when justice system is corrupt.

Bug happenend after a AI tried showing that changes demanded time and revolution was not a good option. Then I asked if this answer was not adequate for supporting absolutist monarchies in France and Russia, imperial Japan or nazists in 40s Germany.


Zemirolha t1_izasezi wrote

Wanting or not, we are gods on Earth.

What rules we set as gods? What do we understand about justice that others living beings will have complying?

Is power abusing allowed when there is no necessity for it?

Meat and dairy commerce should being banned by now-2022. At least ads should stop immediatly. It only helps addicteds thinking their cruelty is acceptable and induce new generations as abusers and addicteds too.