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Maybe start thinking about the actions that are space related, that players would do.

Is it about politics? Resource management? Is it more like playing a hero-character and fighting stuff? Are you searching for stuff (exploring) and you need something to complete a mission (-> racing condition)?


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You can only fill the inside void by being grateful for what you have, each moment.
Always wanting more, and asking "what's the purpose of all this" just leads to suffering.

Everything and everyone is trapped, by being what they are. Acceptance creates freedom and space in your heart.

I wholeheartedly recommend meditation.
If you have no idea how to get going, I'd start with the meditation app from dawn dog which is part of their all-in-one-bundle of apps (including yoga which I recommend too btw) for about 40$/year when you subscribe through their website, instead of mobile market places. Do each of it at least 10min/day and you should feel better soon. (Not getting payed for saying this, just a personal recommendation).

One step at a time.


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>Given the exponential rate at which space exploration is advancing

Hold on a second. Do we really believe this? I think the landing on the moon was highly politically driven, and not by science/engineering etc.

And how long ago is that now?

I refrain from even ballparking when anything will happen space related.