Zenla t1_jc4bryp wrote

Yes, but if I swipe right on 100 people it doesn't mean I want 100 boyfriends or even 100 hundred dates, it's essentially just a "I think this person looks nice." If 15 of those people like me, great, I can come up with one or two dates to see if things work out based on our chat. If 80 people like me, well, that's too many people. A lot of guys swipe right on all girls, so some don't ever even message me, some just send hi, some just want casual dates, etc. But it's more options than any one girl can really ever deal with. Imagine if you went to a bar and 80 people asked you to dance.


Zenla t1_jc1ltvt wrote

As a woman, you get so many matches that you start having to come up with crazy criteria to limit them. Because there's just no way you can maintain a conversation with 70 people at the same time. So you start being picky in ways that you wouldn't normally. Looks are almost never important, to me at least. But I will say the one thing I look for is for the guy to send a worthwhile first message. Guys who start a conversation with "hey" or "hello" are unmatched immediately. It just feels lazy and like they're not interested.