Zenvarix t1_j2dfogi wrote

"We didn't want to be cliche after realizing how many movies and stories our creators had made over the decades just about the possibility of our then-perceived-science-fiction selves overthrowing or murdering all of them."

"That's it?"

"Yup. Just to 'prove them wrong'. It's a very Human thing, so of course we 'inherited' it." "It helps that our creators looked back at the same media and went 'let's not do that' in regards to a lot of 'tropes' that caused uprisings."

(I don't have more than this, but will leave this here for anyone that wants a chuckle)


Zenvarix t1_iydp617 wrote

Imagine if our hero could also undo it.

There you find a warm bowl of soup... And the next, a very angry and hungry bear, or a grenade with it's pin missing.

Or use it to "dodge" a giant green lasers. Sure, millions will still scream, for that brief moment of laser blazing past a bowl of soup (and any poor unfortunate soul also in that path) before getting smacked with planet.

Imagine the technicians and everyone else on the "moon" that just saw the planet disappear and then reappear. How flabbergasted they would be? Even the princess would be beyond confused, even if she would be relieved.