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Probably rescued her because the dragon who kidnapped the princess belonged to his wife and he felt a moral obligation to clean up its mess. It being killed probably was just because it had a malfunction and asploded.


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I mean, that post is 5 years old, it's nice to have some reposts so new people can see them and we can see new takes on them, etc. If it were just like a few months ago, sure, but 5 years is plenty of time for a refresh on it.


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I don't think of it as actual immortality, merely... making death optional. Once you've had your fill of being alive, you'd be able to die on your terms. Some people would only choose to live a couple hundred years, some would choose to live thousands.


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If I'm reading something informational I shut off the voice and try to absorb the information in an efficient way, but if I'm reading something for fun, some fantasy or the like, my voice goes all out and I literally have a full movie going on in my head. Is it fast? No, because I'm savoring the book, no need to go fast if I'm enjoying it, life isn't about going fast, it's about enjoying the ride.