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lmao seriously

>But the officer couldn't detain him because McCourt wasn't committing any crime. The family decided to drive down to Galveston to look for McCourt themselves. When they were taking a break from the search on the beach, that's when they spotted him.

If he wanted to reach out to them he could have.


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Sounds like they're bound by law?

>Previously, county school system administrators said that due to the nature of the allegations, which fall under the federal guidelines of Title IX, they are bound by law to follow federally established procedures. Jim Frazier, president of the Jackson County Board of Education, said school systems are limited in what can be shared regarding disciplinary actions for students and employees.

I don't know, I'm not a lawyer.


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>Just be aware that big box shops (like LibertyTax, H&R Block, Jackson Hewett, etc) do not generally have the best reputation. It's primarily because many of their "tax professionals" are receive a cursory education consisting of a few weeks.

Thanks, yeah I just went to him to fix my own tax situation since I had to do a correction and didn't want to do all the calculations manually (I normally file with FreeTaxUSA or Credit Karma but I couldn't do corrections with them). Figured I'd just ask him while I was there.


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Housing's just a symptom, a lot of the homeless have underlying addiction and mental issues that need to be addressed otherwise even if you give them an apartment they'll just wreck it. I think we need to bring back mental hospitals until they reach a point where they can transition to actually living on their own.

Source: I have a friend that's a social worker and another that manages our city's low income housing program


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>I am a bleeding heart that wants help for everyone but I am also a taxpaying citizen who wants to live in a safe neighborhood. My neighborhood was really decent before this and now it's like driving through a war torn trap house.

>After two years of living in this, I just want it to stop and if forcing people out is how it has to get done then there is a huge part of me thats all for that.

It's easy to be sympathetic to the homeless until you start needing to worry about stepping on dirty needles. Compared to being infected with something because of that, I give zero shits about them.

I don't even go to public parks where the homeless hang out for fear of needles.