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I enjoyed it, and it wasn't an original story with a Norse setting. It was more like a simplified novel that showcases events from the mythology in an abridged, broad format.

There are definitely more detailed versions of the Saga's out there but it was pretty faithful as a beginner's introduction to them imo.


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Forspoken has been getting hate because of an unlikable and annoying protagonist, bad dialogue, bland quests, and mostly empty world.That being said, the gameplay and battle system are excellent with good boss fights.

Callisto Protocol was very short in terms of overall play, so it didn't have time to really flush the story or characters out. The gameplay is great though with interesting mechanics.

What really brought hate however, was the PC release that launched the same day as consoles and had a lot of bugs that made it unplayable. But that always happens because it takes time to tweak console games to run smoothly on PC. Their fault for jumping the gun and not delaying it's release on that platform.


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Because it gives a bitter glimpse into what I can't have or achieve no matter how much I desperately desire it.

It's a constant reminder to always want more than the world offers you and to never settle for a depressing life. To work towards enjoying the smallest shred of what I'm able to carve off from those impossible dreams.