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Honestly shop around, I’m in Jerz but eons ago I was paying something like $200/mo for minimum liability, that went down to $80/mo for way better coverage when I switched to Progressive.

I don’t know, man. Insurance is stupid.


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Likely because the climate doesn’t really favor them up here and there’s no real risk of them becoming an invasive species. Things become illegal when they become a potential widespread problem and that just isn’t the case here.

Worth mentioning though releasing non-native species into the wild is illegal as shit in PA. Considering this poor little dude probably came from a legitimate exotic animal dealer at some point I imagine tracking down the idiot in question shouldn’t be that difficult.


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You joke but there’s shedloads of people looking for exactly that who buy Caymans with zero clue what they’re in for. I follow a few reptile YouTubers and they can all rant for hours about this.

Also don’t buy iguanas either. You’re getting a grumpy 5’ dinosaur that needs a room sized climate controlled enclosure to be healthy.


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Reply to Rent Increase by cke1989

My municipality has a hard limit of 3.7% or something for rent increases, it’s friggin great


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If you’re looking for clear and explicit benefits it’s doubtful that they’ll be readily apparent but infrastructure investment is a gradual process that is both necessary and boring.

The fact is the whale deaths have nothing to do with wind power (construction hasn’t even started yet ffs) and we need to generate as much of our power from non-fossil-fuel sources as possible.


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We also need civil penalties for people who improperly store firearms in their glove box since that’s the single biggest avenue weapons take to the illegal market. Insane that I had more liability as a bartender than these jackoffs have with weapon-related negligence.

Motherfucker either keep that shit strapped to your body or leave it at home.

E: source https://everytownresearch.org/gun-thefts-from-cars-the-largest-source-of-stolen-guns/