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I've never been able to breathe through my nose properly. It feels laboured but my ENT says it's just inflammation and small passages and if it bothers me, I have to be on a several year wait list for surgery, but not something that should be a problem. It definitely is a problem.


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Thank you! I had one done as a youth and they said I was fine, but that was 15 years ago now. I suppose things can change. I didn't even think about that, I appreciate your response


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I was told that I also have inflamed tissue but the doctor said there's nothing that can be done except for a possible wait list for several years for surgery and even then, it might not solve the issue. I snore loudly, my boyfriend comments on it almost daily. I'm so exhausted daily and have such a bad memory that I had a test done and it's a diagnosed disability. Maybe I should look into other countries who can do the surgery sooner, if it changed your life? I'm desperate for relief


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I would like to know if I have something like this but maybe because of inflammation? My family complains about my constant loud snoring. I've been to several specialists but they say because I'm a thin, active young woman, I'm not at risk for sleep apnea and it looks like I just have a small nasal passageway. I'm so exhausted that I need to rest during my lunches and after work and I still sleep a solid 8 hours a day. I've got a terrible memory to the point where it's actually a diagnosed issue but they don't know the cause. I'm desperate for answers and a solution :(