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Fucking hell. I don’t even understand your first sentence. However what your 2nd paragraph is saying I think I get. Does expansion not count as moving through space ? I understand expansion speed is relative to the observer, but surely the fastest things could expand away from each other has to be twice the speed of light right ? Like if two objects are “expanding” away from each other at the speed of light in opposite directions… their relative speed to each other would seem as though they are traveling twice the speed of light right ? (Assuming you could observe) I guess my questions is can expansion travel faster than this ? Faster than two objects speeding away from each other at light speed ? I don’t get the difference between travel vs expansion. Is expansion actually Stretching reality itself?


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I understand what you’re saying but I don’t get how the expansion speed and “travel” speed would have different hypothetical limits. If things are expanding, I’m assuming it’s “relative speed” but it is indeed traveling faster than the speed of light relative to something … or rather why does traveling through space have a speed limit at all?


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Can we judge our location in relation to the “true” center of the universe ? I mean I assume if the Big Bang was centralized, there must be a “core” to that expansion where everything is expanding radially outward…. But now that I think about it, it still might appear as though everything in relation to you is leaving your observable edge of the universe at equal speed regardless.


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I work with a few artists who came from working with Jeff Koons who were making $13/hr with him. Fucking obscene. They are so talented as well. Now they work as scenic artists for film making like $70/hr lol. Fuck rich artists paying real artists slave wages to make THEIR WORK and sell it for millions. It’s criminal and beyond insulting. How could you treat fellow artists so poorly ?