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Oh man, this is heartbreaking. I sometimes can’t even fathom the evil people that are walking this earth. What a real fucking asshole thing to do. I really hope the dog is found safe and the scumbag held responsible.


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I’m sure it is subjective, but with all the options in the city I would classify Faneuil Hall as a tourist trap offering sub par food and underwhelming very generic shopping. Sam Adams is low on the list of good breweries here. There are way better options. Salem is ok (better in the Summer) but probably not worth this person spending a full day on when they have 15 other items on their list and only a few days in Boston.


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One thing you could take off your list would be Faneuil Hall. It is nothing special and you will not be missing anything by not going. Also, you could skip Salem as it is a bit overrated especially if you have limited time and a long list of other things to see in Boston. If you do decide to go to Salem though, you don’t need to rent a car. The commuter rail goes from North Station right to Salem. If you stay in Back Bay, that would be a central location allowing you easy access to the Common/Public Garden, Freedom Trail, Old North Church, Library, Fenway, Copley Square and Newbury. Other items on your list could be accessible by T from there as well. Have fun!