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Not something I thought of before, but obviously true in hindsight. Uniqueness is, by definition, a relation object A has to similar objects B1...Bx. The relation being that A is only one in that group that has a certain set of properties.

So you can he unique among all the people, but you can't be "just unique".

Now, whether the culture of "be unique" and the need to distinguish yourself from other people makes sense, is an entirely different discussion.


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We distinguish rain, snow, slush and hail by the phas-of-matter and composition of the falling "water"... as alternatives to "falling" water, we have fog, dew, jack frost, icycles... different ways for water to arrive on something. We also have different end results: puddle, mud, snow, black ice.

Differentiating precipitation by the chemical that falls is easy (we have water, acid, ash, and fish here on earth) but I find the different physical processes of precipitation also interesting. For example, frozen CO2 (aka dry ice) sublimates into gas, and the opposite process (deposition?) would be interesting to see.


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The plan is to make it kinda good and train in (on industrial hardware) and then distill it down to a smaller model that ideally can fit in a consumer GPU. It's going to be big at first but they do want to make it small eventually.