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The CDC, WHO, BILL GATES, DR FAUCI, BIG PHARMA and the MEDIA, all LIED about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin , so they could get an (EUA) emergency use authorization. Both of these medicines have been available for decades, Ivermectin has won a Nobel Peace Prize and is safe to use, but we weren't allowed to try it for Covid? Both are in the WHO MODEL LIST OF ESSENTIAL MEDICINES try looking a litter deeper into things rather than click bait media...


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No act that was the Democratic party. They had a whole protest behind refunding the police while at the same time promising to bail those out who decided to burn down buildings and attack the police. But I guess you forgot all about that..


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Remember when Tom Wolf talked up how our gas PA gas tax was supposed to help our infrastructure and road repair but instead a huge percent of it went to the Pennsylvania state police pension fund when it was in no way shape or form to be spent any other way but then it's original intended use. Funny how Tommy just sat back and let that all happen. Oh wait that's right I guess the governor doesn't have any say in anything he just hides in his office his entire term never to be seen by the public


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"mod act"? Stop living your life assuming things you make up within your own mind about others intentions. Sadly I'm not acting in any way as a mod. I'm just reminding you of the rules we all abide by here within this community, and the consequences that follow for going against those rules you agreed to upon joining.