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That’s my point, they are both wrong. But it was democrats pushing blm as a political narrative. Democrats were the ones that painted blm in front of the white house and Trump tower as if Trump was to blame. They tried to pit him as a racist, which is such a propaganda attempt. Chris Cuomo also said “no one ever said a protest was supposed to be polite and peaceful” on air. They 100% used the blm riots as a political ploy


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Odd I don’t watch fox news. Keep speaking out of your ass because violently “protesting police brutality” is no different than violently “protesting election fraud”. You see your own side and lack the ability to view other perspectives. Blm rioters are literally on camera saying they wanted to beat up every white person. You pick out nitpicked incidents like I can’t do the same for the left.


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You can’t be serious. 35 people died during the blm riots and over 3 billion in damages happened. On Trump’s inauguration, they tried to storm the white house lawn, forcing them underground. They set fire to a historical church and raided a police precinct, causing all of the police to flee. Thousands of cops were injured. There is no “whataboutism”. You simply lack the ability to see how bad your own side is while blaming others as if it was something that has never happened before.


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I’m not at all supporter of jan 6th and they should be in jail. But you have to admit that the left called the blm riots a “mostly peaceful protest” because it was 93% peaceful, and seeing there were 200k people at jan 6th but only 500 went in, it was technically “mostly peaceful” by the same standards. Also 35 people were killed in blm riots vs 3 trump supporters and 1 cop on jan 6th. At trump’s inauguration, people tried to storm the white house lawn too, but it was stopped much quicker. Comparing 3 billion in damages, 35 lives lost with 1 million in damages with 1 life lost is hypocritical to me. None should have happened, but there’s a double standard with this to me. There’s still not one quote from Trump saying anything other than to go protest at the capitol. But cuomo literally said “no one ever said protests were supposed to be polite and peaceful”