Zuzzbugg OP t1_iyb7dg0 wrote

thank you for letting me know. similar situation with my cat, when I called the spca they did not care at all. He had a bad case a Giardia a very spreadable parasite and Feline Herpes, on his first week home a worm literally came out of his nose like a Tim Burton Film. You would think they would want to make sure all the other cats in their care didn’t also suffer from his illnesses.

My first week as a pet owner was spent stuffing pills down my cats throat which wasn’t great for building trust. I cried and cried thinking my cat was going to die before I even got to love him. 100s of dollars in vet bills and almost two years later he looks like a completely different cat then the skinny dude I picked up at the SPCA. He should have been cared for better.