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Because you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding on how the world works.

Do explain how a science paper published by a team in the US is in any kind of danger that a paper published by a team in Australia is not.

Let's say big oil is out to discredit all non-oil research, they'll just leave this one alone because the research team wasn't american?

A pharmaceutical company spending billions on R&D on a new drug and then keeping it a secret is fundamentally different to a science research team conducting research on bacterium and publishing its findings for everyone to see.


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Was the soviet union in on that conspiracy to shut down cold fusion, or were they just too stupid to figure out how to make use of it and stick it up to their enemy? In the 60's, during the pinnacle of soviet power?

If the "oil industry" has that kind of power, that's it, there is no use in trying to fight it, there is no hope whatsoever.


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It's not who discovers the process that makes the money.

It's those who figure out a way to put it into practice that do. And once they publish their research it's an open game.

Chances are, should this become a viable source of energy, it's because some money-hungry entrepreneur puts together a research team and finds investment AKA someone from the US or someone who's about to become a US citizen.


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Which is simply not true in the slightest. It takes a hell of a lot of effort to topple the average institution. It's why they became an institute in the first place; they endured when other would-be institutions didn't.

Some institutions are stronger than entire nation states, which are institutes themselves.

Even weak institutions are tough and take years to bring down. Do you have an example of an institution that the image applies to?

In fact, I'd say the image has it completely backwards. Some institutions appear fragile on the surface, but in reality are so ingrained into the fabric of their respective society that they're for all intents and purposes invulnerable to a whole generation of people.


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"alright, off you go back in there" and once again his friend disappeared. Flabbergasted "Geez, i wonder what that was all about" he asked the two other party-goers before he took a swig of his beer. Equally gobsmacked, they pondered on the display that had passed as they too took small sips of their beer in between the "don't know"s and "he was acting a bit weird wasn't he"s. "Guess he's fine since he wanted back" he shrugged "and he was a bit rude" and the others agreed. "So uh, what else have you guys been up to?"

"Oh nothing much, been mostly busy with work".

"Yeah, the same, the same".

"You uh.. still work for corpocorp, right?"

"Yeah, same old, same old".

the small talk continued for a while until they ran out of topics and after an awkward look or two, the small grouping dispersed and they went to mingle with the other partiers.


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The tiny oculus stood still for a fraction of a second and then continued scraping along the surface of the board. "Y O U" laying still on the U, the ghost had finished its message.

"Oh you sonova... This isn't a joke you asshat, pay your share of the rent, spirit, or else".

A moment passed and the scraping on the board continued "O R E L S E W H" but before it could finish "you sassy spectre, I'll call ghostblasters to blast yo haunting ass, that's what". It was a bluff, of course, choosing violence wasn't an option, but getting rent was priority enough to warrant hardballing the freeloader. Only hope was that the spooky ghost didn't call the bluff.

As if pondering on the threat, the oculus stood still on the board for a minute, when suddenly the drawer with all the house documents burst open and a single sheet of paper flew next to the ouija board.

The oculus then enlivened and scraped along "L I N E 4 7" before again remaining still, taunting with its mere presence.

The paper was the rent agreement and reading out loud line 47: "of every month, the tenants living in the residence SPOOKSTREET 5 B3 must pay a sum of 669 shillings- Yeah, you've got to pay half, so uh 315". Immediately the oculus continued "R E A D I T A G A I N". Instead going for the immediate retort "No, this is pointless, you give me rent".

"N O" the ghost replied, "I D O N T L I V E H E R E" the oculus continued while the full realization kicked in.

"I A M D E A D Y O U I D I O T".


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There is no way it can be primarily about sex.

The urban dictionary has a definition from 2003, which wikipedia is quoting as the true meaning (because of course it is, it's wikipedia).

I'd be pretty surprised if the sexual use wasn't just an application, because no way such a aexual phrase would garner this much popular usage.

I hope someone does research on the history of the term


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She probably thinks her husband is a good person in something along the lines of "they wanted to die and would have done so without my husband, who was only helping euthanize them in a less painful way. It's their body and their choice, no one has a right to force someone to live".