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Ah ok my bad, I didn’t realize that comparing a gun collection to porn or making sexual jokes about guns isn’t actually sexual and is out of context. You’ll have to forgive my reaching, sometimes I just see such basic logic and can’t help but reach for it you know?

Jokes aside, the culture surrounding guns is not healthy. Am I being a bit hyperbolic when I say it’s almost a fetish? Sort of, sure.

But we can just look at his post, it’s comments and reactions to prove me right. I show up, stating facts about BOTH sides of the gun debate, and only receive downvotes and lies about people’s behavior despite providing undeniable proof of said behavior? Do you think that’s healthy?

Let’s look at the other comments. A bunch of the usual gun debate suspects in this sub, and not a SINGLE one of them is saying that this is a problem. What are they doing? Going after the one turbo anti gun guy who deleted their comment. Do you think this is healthy?

Silence is an omission of guilt. There IS a gun problem. A ban won’t work, so attacking the culture surrounding guns or lowering the amount in circulation are the next two most logical solutions.

And last but not least, the post you commented on is literally comparing guns to porn and you comment in the second link could not be anything except sexual. Please do not lie when you’re anonymous online, it’s pointless. Have some self respect


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Accurately describing the reactions and behavior of both sides of the gun debate is nonsense?

Edit: Decided to see which side you fell on and instead found this lol not even 3 days ago. I’ll accept your apology and you can go edit the “nonsense” part out of your comment now

You cannot make this kind of stuff up lol and you had the audacity to downvote me


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It’s almost as if it’s a prevalence of guns and the borderline fetishization culture surrounding them that’s the issue

But as we all know, logic dictates we should just either ban them or smugly talk about how the news reports got a minuscule detail about the gun wrong instead of addressing the actual problems


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If you have the budget for it Knollcrest apartments are pretty nice. Pet friendly, public pool/grill/fire areas, has a dog park that gets lots of use, most renters are older or young professionals so nothing crazy is ever going down.

Also 5 minutes away from one of Middletown’s main shopping hubs and maybe a 10 minute drive tops to downtown