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Bro if you have even an ounce of self respect you’ll delete this and pretend you never even considered typing it out. Hopefully Santa gives you a good smack upside the head and an Uber/Lyft gift card. Get over yourself


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If that’s what you wanted to say then you would have said it in the first place. Instead you attempted to attack someone and it blew up in your face so now you’re upset and tripling down by openly lying about me not addressing your comment. It’s literally in my first sentence lmao

Everything the original poster said was 110% correct. You can think Eversource sucks and that they should invest in burying the lines while also using the two brain cells required to understand that this is the current reality and attempting to insult someone from behind a screen isn’t going to fix anything


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Reply to comment by TCPottery in Am I wrong to feel annoyed? by [deleted]

Weekend literally dedicated to giving thanks, says they have food at home, writes gigantic paragraph complaining about having to pay 99c for fucking chips on Reddit, and the people “berating” them need to step off? LOL

Truly staggering logic. You cannot make this kind of shit up. I love the internet


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Plenty of non straight people who are Republicans. I understand the point you are making and I apologize for insulting you in my first response, however, the original argument was about who was to blame for this.

Address my most recent response to you about that subject before moving on to another


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Ah ok I see. The house painted in Christmas colors, with a wreath hanging above it, being posted about during the holiday season, and with a big sign on the side that says “Santa’s Hours” and “Have you been naughty or nice?” has nothing to do with Christmas.

Thanks, I wouldn’t have known I was wrong otherwise :)


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You need to look no further than the usual 2A supporters on this sub.

Take u/theokayestname for example. Always, ALWAYS going on and on about gun laws. It’s 99% of their profile, and the people they interact with on gun subs are exactly the same. You even dare to mention the fact that mental issues or the borderline fetishization culture surrounding guns is part of the problem and what do you get? Insults and a block.

There’s NO pleasing 2A nuts, especially with today’s political climate. The problem will never be fixed until they can swallow their own pride and admit something needs to be done


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Are you purposely leaving out the part where they refused to take away his weapons or did you not read this?

Even if we can somehow construe his own mother refusing to press charges with Democrats being lenient on crime (which is objectively an insane logical jump) we are left with the fact that they were aware he was a psychopath and that he had these weapons and that the “Red Flag Laws” prevented authorities from seizing his weapons. Who do you think fought to have these caveats (which make the laws borderline useless) included?


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Your own link’s specifically mentioned the kid’s previous case being mysteriously sealed. Obviously there’s no actual sources saying “Yea grandpa covered for his psycho grandson” but what’s more believable?

Nepotism or what has historically been a swing state (until recently) being “soft on crime”?

If you aren’t satisfied with this then I can turn around and ask you the same. Show me the source showing that being “soft on crime” caused this, because your two links say nothing about that


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>Commits previous crimes/threats

>Has it covered up by Conservative grandfather politician


>This happened because Libs are soft on crime and they are soft on crime because they want a civil war

Man I’ve said some dumb shit in my life but this makes me look like a genius