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So, quick story, I was a UAV operator for 14 years. I spent five years flying for the Army and the rest as a contractor. Anyway, I used to fly with a guy that absolutely hated our job. Eventually he got so fed up with it that he sold his house and moved to bumf**k Texas to get his A&P license to become an airplane mechanic.

His first job out of A&P school? Reassembling Falcon 9 rockets for SpaceX.

You just never know where life is going to take you. Just enjoy the ride.


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Not everyone at NASA is a rocket scientist. There are people that manage the rocket scientists and keep them within budget. There are people that assemble and fuel the rockets. There are administration people that write letters and emails about the rockets. There are historians that write about the old rockets and public relations folks that talk about the new rockets.

If working at NASA is your goal, you have an incredible amount of options. Also: math is stupid.


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Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave) has a degree from Harvard, and is a prominent social activist.

Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) has a PhD from Cornell in zoology and is a guest lecturer at UCLA when not on tour.

Edit: While he lacked much formal education, Lemmy was a prolific reader who was known to always be reading something, and was apparently well versed in WWII history specifically. Ozzy Osbourne once said that Lemmy crashed at his house for a week and he "drank all my booze, snorted all my coke, and read all my books."


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There's another story that Aristotle (student of Plato) used the story of Atlantis during his education of Alexander the Great. He used the story as a parable to teach that all glory, no matter how great, was fleeting and could vanish at any time.