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If anything, save Steam for last. Everyone knows all the super smart IT hacker guys are PC gaming enthusiasts too. Let them sit in front of their games so they don't try to out-hack your super AI brain until you've already infected every other computer and server and smart phone in the world.


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Don't answer this. It's clearly Skynet trying to determine the complacency of humans before going on the offensive.

Sarcasm aside, what's with the sudden uptick in posts on this sub that seem to be about AI and people's reliance on technology?


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Some cats are dicks, but not all of them. I've had my current feline since she was 8 weeks old and had the luxury of being there the day she was born and several days leading up to when I could take her home. She's been a total sweetheart. Very big on cuddling and laying in laps, doesn't try to steal food or beg for it obnoxiously, doesn't knock stuff off tables for fun, doesn't bite or scratch or hiss unless you're a dog or you're playing too rough with her. Her only real offense is she'll sometimes get late night zoomies and clomp around the house loudly while making "bbrrrrrrr" noises.


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It was not a critique, it was an observation.

A critique would have been mentioning that I have zero respect for OP after finding she links this to her Instagram, and Instagram to her OnlyFans as I think she's an attention-seeker and I believe she only got into cosplay after not being able to break into modeling, because there's never an over saturation in the market for horny weebs that want to jerk off to their favorite anime characters in real life. A lot of that is conjecture, and kind of mean so I refrained from saying it before.

As for the attention to detail, it should be taken constructively. The "needs some work" was there to show that the costume could use some refinement.


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Just the truth:

Your outfit needs some work. The anime character has a v-cut with a collar, where as you have a turtleneck. Looks like you need a second necklace and both would need to be longer. The cuffs of sleeves on the character's outfit also appear to be more open and draped down where as the cuffs on your outfit are much tighter as the wrists. Also whatever you're holding up behind you is not a fuzzy white coat.


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Reply to comment by Kisopop in Bang!, Me, digital art, 2022 by Amykateism

>violate his second amendment right.

The second amendment needs to be amended. When it was written, things like mental health and stability were not accounted for, weaponized zealotry and hatred were not accounted for. It's a 231 year old document, it's absolutely insane to me that as a country we don't do a better job of keeping things like that modern. Then again, a good chunk of the US worships a man that was written in a book 2000 years ago so I shouldn't be too surprised I guess.