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> why did you made all those assumptions?

Back at you.

Here are your assumptions:

> I can tell your mad

> No doubt you wouldn't sit right next to a homeless person

It's you that are attacking me for holding a realistic opinion that is simply different than yours.

You seem to think that people sleeping on public benches are somehow more deserving of the public space than anyone else. You go so far as to assume that adding a handle to the middle of the bench is somehow against the hobos. It's not. The central handle helps elderly people stand up from a seated position.


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> What if it's just at night?

So you would have these people sleep in the elements. How progressive of you.

> What if they got up if someone asked?

What if they don't?

>Why don't they make more benches or single seat armchairs instead of these things?

Apparently, your imaginary scenario has some imaginary logistics and imaginary budgets for public benches. I'm just glad that they are -they exist as they are.

If you are a public bench manufacturer, then I'm sure that you can offer Boston a deal on their bid. But I'm also sure that you are just some armchair quarterback, pretending that you know better than the contractors and the other experts who deal with this on a daily basis.

>No doubt you wouldn't sit right next to a homeless person anyways so why do you care so much about this?

Same back to you. Why do you care? The fact is that you are just ostentatiously pretending to care so much about the homeless. The same homeless that you think belong on the streets, in all sorts of weather and otherwise making a mess of a shared public space.

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I'm sure my fans would agree with you.

So called "unhoused people" are human beings. Many of which are what you would call "voluntary homeless." In fact there is a subreddit (that I'll let you find) where redditors talk about how to just be bums, "hang signs," live on the streets and otherwise just be parasitic on society.

The real homeless are people who are down on their luck, don't want to live on the street or are disabled. Society should find a place for them where they don't have to rest on public sidewalks.


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Ask boston.gov.

Benches need to be temperature-resistant. People should be able to enjoy them regardless of temperature!


There's also a great interactive map where you can find one near you, so you can go sit on it.


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> fail to recognize that 'defund' was used to get exactly their attention,

No, it literally means abolish the police.



Title "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police"

quote from the article:

I’ve been advocating the abolition of the police for years. Regardless of your view on police power — whether you want to get rid of the police or simply to make them less violent — here’s an immediate demand we can all make: Cut the number of police in half and cut their budget in half. Fewer police officers equals fewer opportunities for them to brutalize and kill people. The idea is gaining traction in Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles and other cities.

People would have you believe differently, but this is what the advocates are proposing. They'll lie about the message because that's all the activists have: is lies.