_No_Pain_No_Gain t1_jdgpo7q wrote

A handful of Tough Lessons I've learned the hard way:

No Pain No Gain - No growth and learning without pain and struggle. No life without suffering.

Not being a sore loser applies to your own failures too, when it's just you vs you.

Happiness likes silence. People are full of hate and envy. They just wait to sabotage you.

People will take advantage of you. Live like an introvert and be super picky who you let in your life.

When you have an open mind, make sure you don't drop your brain. You will become too tolerant.

Empaths are mostly Unsung Heroes. Empaths are not the people who just give you a pat on the back while letting you succumb in your victim mentality.

Empaths are well aware that you will always be at a disadvantage if you drown in your victim complex. So they find a gentle way to tell you to Get a Grip.

Healing is slow, hard and painful but you should never give up. Go slow, take a break, crawl if you have to, but don't stop or quit.

When you struggle to find a lesson in your hardship, it means that you actually have a desire to learn and obtain wisdom in the tough times you are going through. Keep going, the Hard lesson will appear in front of you.

Tough times don't last, Tough people do. Tough times are here to deliver the lessons. They are not life sentences.


_No_Pain_No_Gain t1_jdgoe6q wrote

Oh Yeah! I am strongly certain of what you say and heard it before. Nobody judged me in the gym. Never saw anybody judging another. Only coaches guiding people.

I was unlucky enough to have a family member who is a gym shark to try to put me down. But he is very one in a million exception. And a test for my mental endurance and optimism. But I am still strongly sure and agreeing with your post.

In case someone asks how he tried to put me down, once I was eating my chicken steaks. I used to be a scarce eater and my family knew it. And the bastard asked me "it isn't typical for you to eat meat". I said, things change. He asked "Is it because you changed or someone gives you ideas? Most certainly the second." I asked him a counter question, "What's wrong with eating chicken?", He said "Nothing." That's how I shut his mouth.

Out of spite of the hardship I faced, I remain an optimistic believer and share your point.