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I play Statle which has you guess state flags. And I never realized how much I appreciate our flag. I find its symbolism and uniqueness something special about it. I am now so grateful i don’t have a podunk state flag — versus some of these Wish.com designed state flags that have the state’s names written on them in big letters. Lol. :P But jokes aside, some flags have like confederate flags in them. Ohio’s def beats quite a few flags imo.


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It is not.

Africa, Ohio is located just north of Columbus (in Central Ohio).

Palestine is located on Ohio’s border with Indiana, about 2 hours west of Africa. (119 mi / 192 km away)

East Palestine (of toxic train derailment fame) is on Ohio’s border with Pennsylvania, about 3 hours east of Africa. (159 mi / 256 km away)

It’s very close to Ha(a)rlem & Dublin though!


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They also allowed residential schools until 1996. So, let’s not pretend Canada isn’t just solving a problem that they created — and they achieved exactly what they wanted. To take the Indian out of the child. 100+ years of residential schools, abuse, sexual abuse, etc. weren’t accidental. Again, all by design. The oppression continues today even if efforts are being made to improve things now. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to hundreds of years of state-sponsored or supported genocide.


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Almost certainly by design. The effect of genocide, family separation, boarding schools, etc. is to thin numbers to such extremes that the language and culture cannot physically survive. What a shameful atrocity.

> While they differ in setting, culture, and phonetics, one aspect that most dead Indigenous languages share is that they perished as a result of colonization and the subsequent rise of international languages. As Indigenous languages go extinct, so too do the culture and history that they carry with them. In Canada, the government has been largely responsible for the decline of Canada’s Indigenous languages—yet, there may still be hope for them to be revitalized.


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Your post history would suggest you’re 0% interested in actually changing your views. I don’t have time or energy to change your mind - but I can at least link to a different post.



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No. If you can look at the totality of the US’s historical and current marginalization of Black communities and come to the conclusion it’s just some trait inherent in Black people, I’m going to assume a racist outlook. Let’s work on ensuring Black folks have equal footing in this society and then you can take a look at intra-community dynamics. But there’s not a way to, in my opinion, divorce the Black experience from generations of white supremacist oppression to draw these conclusions in a way that isn’t disingenuous.

(Edit: cont’d) Imagine asking, in 1950, “why does this have to be so ideological. Can’t we just point to some cultural dysfunction in the Black community?” as if we don’t have Black people drinking from separate water fountains. Things may be better than they we’re in 1950, but to assume that were in such a better place that those dynamics aren’t still pertinent is naive, if not intentionally harmful. It’s crazy to me that white people think that 350 years of legalized racial separation and impression is suddenly gone in the course of 50 years. It’s the privilege and naïveté of the oppressor to just turn their backs to those inconvenient truths.