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I actually used the numpad frequently (before I got a 75%) but I much prefer not having all the excess keyboard on the right before I get to my mouse, so I feel like a southpaw layout would be useful but I doubt I could get used to it.


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Plus its not like they can do it secretly.

We can see what data is being sent/received per device if we want to or at least how much when its encrypted.

If google homes en-masse just opened up the floodgates and started sending data for no reason constantly someone would notice and we would know practically instantly. It would be a matter of days before security researchers were reporting the problem and virtually every major publication would be telling you to turn them off immediately.

If it were a thing that say the FBI was doing to individuals as they felt necessary for surveillance reasons well... they can do that already anyways via other devices. A google home isn't going to change things.


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I've been meaning to give this a try.


So far as I'm aware with that software "installed" on the camera (which can be removed simply by removing the SD card) you should be able to set up the camera's with standard local access and block them from the internet entirely.

Its a thing I plan on trying out in the near future, but it works like it should then its like a $45 (CAD) wireless(ish) security camera. Which isn't bad.


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Also the fact that its a lot easier to be comfortable when its cold(ish) than when its hot will probably lead to lower heating costs.

Like, I can put on a sweater or throw a blanket over my lap and keep my house at 18-20c quite easily and not be uncomfortable, but when it its 35c out my AC can’t keep enough to get the inside temp below 25 or 26 and it’s absolutely miserable.

So while heating might be less efficient than cooling on a degree by degree basis, the need to heat/cool to specific levels may not at all be the same.


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So far I've not seen a single ad I would have even pegged as an ad if it wasn't tagged. Clearly they have SOME problems, but it seems like people are blowing it out of proportion.

I'd still rather no ads because fuck advertising, I'm the sort of guy who runs a pihole, ublock, privacy badger etc, but so far it just feels like normal app store promotion but they get paid for some of the placement now.