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I was the same way when I switched from Pixel to the iPhone 13. I was blown away at fluidity, app optimization, etc. Just super smooth, incredible processor. But, a year later, I just really missed Android, flaws and all. You're only a couple months in; I'm curious to see if your opinion changes in a year like mine did. Don't get me wrong though, if I still had an iPhone, I'd enjoy it. But Android is home for me apparently.


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People hack things so they can get money or personal information, not to say "haha lets keep opening this app and turning on the light". I can't imagine some dude in Pakistan sitting at his desk and saying "it's working boss, we hacked it. what now? Flashlight? OKAY"

It's 100% not hacked.


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I switched to iPhone after being an Android guy for over ten years.

The phones hold up much better than any Android phone. A 4-year old iPhone will run as good as it did when you bought it.

That said, I went back to Android after less than a year. iOS and iPhones are great, but we are creatures of habit. There are more things that I enjoy about Android more than iOS. My biggest gripe with iOS is Siri. I use virtual assistants a lot. Siri is the biggest piece of garbage, and it genuinely makes me mad that Apple can make everything so nice and premium, but can't get Siri to stop saying "on it..... still working on that..... something went wrong".

All in all, there are some things Apple does better, and some things Android does better. I don't care who copied who, as long as it works. Android works for me when it comes to phones, and iPads work for me when it comes to tablets.

You'll definitely enjoy an iPhone. But will you enjoy it enough to become a long-time user? You'll have to find out.


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FaceID is pretty much perfect. I recently switched to the Pixel 7, and while Face Unlock works most of the time, there are certain levels of light where it can't find me, where the iPhone had absolutely zero issues. If your brightness is up high enough, FaceID will work in the pitch black of night.


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>I've always kept the battery level between 20-80%

All that work trying to conserve battery health, and it did nothing.

You guys need to stop obsessing over battery health. You've had this phone for over a year, it has an older, smaller battery. Your battery health is completely normal. Just use your phone, enjoy it, and stop trying to conserve the life of something you're going to replace within a few years. It will last far longer than you plan on keeping it.


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If you've spent more than 5 years with one platform, I honestly think that for 98% of those people who switch brands, they will not last.

I'm the opposite. I was an Android user since 2010. Switched to an iPhone 13. I enjoyed it. Even got the 14 Pro; I enjoyed that as well, but I just missed Android and the things that it does better than iPhone (don't get me wrong, there are a ton of things Apple does better than Android).

We're creatures of habit. We love what we know.


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I'd love to see what you consider a "small scratch" when you get injured. Tiger takes a chunk out of your thigh: "just a small scratch" lol.

And no, it's part of the frame, so you'd basically need to replace the entire back and sides of the phone, where all the guts are stored. Not worth it.


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Stop worrying about battery health. Use your phone. Charge it how you want it. You're only going to have your phone for 2-4 years most likely, and the battery will last far beyond that.

Ever since Apple started showing battery health, it's become an unhealthy obsession that none of you ever cared about before it was an available feature.


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Cases weren’t as nice - and definitely not as easy to get - in 2010 when the iPhone 4 came out. I think back then, 99% of iPhone and Android users just walked around with a naked phone all the time. No screen protectors either. It’s crazy to think how normal that was for us lol.

I could never imagine doing that now, as much as I’d like to. Like you, I’ll take my case off for like an hour, and then I’m like “nope, can’t risk it”


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Number one thing I miss: Google Assistant, without a doubt. Siri is terrible. Yeah sure, I can install the Google Assistant app, but I can’t long press to activate her, or say “hey Google”.

Notifications are a very close second place. iPhone notifications are atrocious, and they just don’t work in a way that makes them helpful.

I enjoy everything else on the iPhone more than Android. Switched to Apple in February, and haven’t even been slightly tempted to go back. Granted, I still use a lot of Google apps, which I find superior. Google makes incredible apps, but sub par software and hardware.


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Don’t hold back on upgrading based on rumors. The only rumor that Apple has openly confirmed, is that USB-C is coming. BUT, they have until autumn 2024, so the iPhone 15 could still very well have Lightning. Any other rumor is just someone blabbing.

If you like the iPhone 14 lineup, and you want a new phone, just go for it. I you’ll enjoy the phone.