_The_Floor_is_Lava_ t1_jdgep3d wrote

I hope they ban TikTok in the United States. Or it gets sold to a US company. 45% of Americans have the app installed. This gives China GPS data on nearly half of Americans. And that's just GPS. They can run AI sentiment analysis on your videos and comments to tell your mood, who your friends are, what you're interested in, what your political leanings are. They can recommend anything they want to your feed and influence the opinions and attentions of our populace en-masse. It's too much control to hand over to an unfree foreign surveillance state.

A replacement for it will be created and people will have a new place to go viral. It's not TikTok they want necessarily, it's an app exactly like TikTok. Imagine "KitKot", a US competitor app that's functionally identical to TikTok. Why not use it? It does the same thing. It'll suck massively for people to rebuild their followers list, but hey, sometimes life is hard. Once it's up and running, and everyone is reestablished on the new app, no one will care anymore.

TL;DR: I love hearing about shelter animals finding new homes. It warms my heart. :)