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Yeah… unless you work for Costco. Literally not uncommon for an email to come strait from Craig (formally Jim) with:

>Blah blah blah … my Kirkland Blah blah doesn’t work anymore, and I’m your best customer…. I pay $60 for

…OR scenario 2: some kid in a cell phone kiosk to trick my 90 year old grandma into signing up for Verizon…

Scenario 3: Or My BBQ doesn’t work anymore and you said I could return it, but the manager won’t let me return my rusty-cube…

Or worse-

>Your cable guy fell through my attic/hit on my wife/scared my dog….

Jim’s reply, shortly:


Or slightly less common:

“Fu*kin fix this!”

Proceeds to see email forward chain through VP of Merchandising, General Merchandise Manager, Assistant Merchandise Manager, Buyer, Assistant Buyer… down to me… inventory control guy.

Buyer: F*ck… fix this- I’ll help! I don’t want Jim coming down here and yelling at us… I can hear his footsteps already… drop everything!

Us: throws cash card at member, orders “White Glove Service” same-day to pick up their couch, patio gnome, whatever…

Been there. Done that.


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Redmond and Bellevue are 2 of the more expensive areas in Seattle. I fully believe the numbers you’re seeing, for a while Tacoma Seattle have been some of the hottest housing markets in the US to boot.

Many people consider moving further south of Seattle to get slightly more affordable housing say Puyallup or maybe a nice home In Tacoma. Depends on what kind of commute you want.