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>Solar has also been killing birds that fly over the solar farms, getting fried by the intensified sunlight reflected off of panels.

Solar farms work differently than solar panels. Farms reflect light to a collection point (which means these alleged birds would need to fly into the focal area), whereas panels turn light directly into energy.

In addition, solar farms are typically in barren sections of land. Birds would not typically land or even fly low enough in these areas to put themselves in harm's way. Even if they did, the very small area they'd need to pass through to be instantly taken out of the air is so close to the collection site there's not really any point talking about it.

>Covering every rooth with solar panels is quite literally impossible.

Says who? Big Coal?

>Wind energy is also horrible for the environment as when ever it gets too windy, it has to be shut off or it's motor will combust.

...And that's horrible for the environment how exactly? It's a built-in automatic safety in like every windmill that's out there. Why do you think shutting down a windmill in high wind is bad for the environment? Are you high?

>That ain't even the main issue, it's the fact it's killing thousands of endangered birds every year, and tens of thousands of non endangered birds.

Wind turbines account for less than 1 in 4000 bird deaths. You can give flat numbers, but the statistics don't lie. Though I can't find a comparable figure, I would bet money that planes account for a much larger share than windmills... But I don't see you saying planes bad (which they are, but that's about carbon footprint and efficiency of travel).

It seems to me like you don't use the grey matter god gave you.


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I absolutely suck at basic and mental math; but sit me down in front of a paper and a pen, and I'll give you answer to whatever calculus problem you'd like...

Provided it's not an obtusely difficult problem and I'm afforded the internet to get the necessary formulas and a refresher on how to use them, of course. And if not, I could always just go hunting for my cal1&2 notebooks to review

But if anyone wanted me to make a multiplication table relying solely on either mental math or from memory... I'd tell them to pound sand. I'd rather just use excel or something


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Not who you replied to, but therapy simply wasn't for me.

I often walk myself through how I feel about certain things, and I try to dig deeper than the surface to figure out why. It used to be a purely negative and self-deprecating behavior that spawned out of my penchant for being overly-analytical... But I've put effort into turning into a beneficial thing.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is accepting that the parts of you that you don't like are still... You. Understanding yourself and giving recognition to all the bits and pieces that make up who you are was my first step to being a better person. It's made a lot of personal change over the years.

Therapy isn't for everyone, but it does help a lot of people. It's possible that you've only had therapists who aren't really compatible with you. I know it's easy to be discouraged, but you should consider mulling over which it might be -- that is to say, you or your previous therapists.


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Viruses do not compete for resources. They take over cells and force them to make more.

There is no biological process that happens with respect to virii, save when they are created and when they latch onto a cell and inject their gunk in.

Bacteria and fungi, on the other hand, need energy to survive. They must feed off of their host.