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I’m definitely focusing on the US perception as well as Japanese citizens since from what I understand they brush over WWll till Hiroshima and completely denying Nanking which is why I wanted that book as a specific source. Though I could be wrong.

Thank you for the Archives source I had no clue about it. I’m excited to check it out when I get the chance. Thank you for the help.


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Thank you, I think that the way I framed my question was possibly misleading I definitely don’t believe “Hello Kitty was because of war crimes” I was definitely using it as move of an attention grabber even though it was a little deceiving, but more of a timeline of when outsiders POV of Japan begin to shift from then to now.

The morally gray bit in the 40s-50s is something I want to talk about as well as the Tokyo War Trials. I will definitely try coming at it at a differ angle I greatly appreciate the help.


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For my AP English final I’m doing an inquiry project on the cultural rebranding of Japan post WWll, and how most people now associate Japan with things such as anime, video games, manga, cute things etc.. Forgetting the fact that they were one of the three principal players in the Axis alliance or all war crimes they committed. For reference my project is titled something along the lines of “ How is Hello Kitty the result of a nation wide cover up?” . I found one book called “Embracing Defeat” but I’m not sure if it’s quite what I’m looking for. I plan on reading “The Rape of Nanking” because it’s been on my need to read list for awhile but I would appreciate the help finding a book about the rebranding/ possible cover up. Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions!