__OneLove__ t1_j77m3wj wrote

Look, don’t take it personally, ultimately, you’re stating ‘people’ (known to be naturally prone to bias) are going to ‘program the bias’ out of AI (speaks for itself imo). That was exactly the point I was making & apparently other sub members agree. Simply put, its such a poor argument imo, to the point that I am not willing to sit here & read paragraphs of text to the contrary. I don’t state that to offend you (whom I don’t know), I’m just keeping it 💯 from my perspective. You are obviously entitled to your opinion as well, hence my keeping my response short/succinct vs. trying to convince you otherwise.

At a minimum, I might suggest not taking these casual internet discussions with strangers so personally. Nothing more then a suggestion…

Peace ✌🏽


__OneLove__ t1_j741xyx wrote

Some, just done get it. I don't think most are even vaguely aware of just how many AI projects have been cut/canceled due to the fact that ultimately 'we humans are training them' and therefore, AI (at least currently) suffers from the same human traits @ this juncture. AI is moving fast & I fear too many are jumping on the AI bandwagon in full force prematurely IMHO. ✌🏽