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I'd counter that he's a typical "nice guy".

Meaning, he's not a nice guy. He thought he could whittle her down to at least keep having sex with her. He manipulated events for "friends" knowing he'd get her alone. After her repeatedly telling him nothing was going to happen he STILL kept showing her with attention with the hope of having sex with her again ("you get the attention, I have to go home and jerk off")

There was one person approaching honesty in this situation and it was her. Op was manipulative, deceptive, at best lying to himself, and gross.


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Girl everything about this story is bad. The nicotine is the least of it.

I hope you’re seeking treatment for the BPD though. It’s really important to manage that, talk to a therapist regularly who is knowledgeable etc


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One series I’ll always recommend is the Prince Of Nothing series.

It does have some hard magic systems explained, but not to the level of Sanderson. But it has much better characters, mostly all existing in a more gray morality. A well realized world, but with a more philosophical approach to story telling.

Probably my favorite modern fantasy. If it’s still considered modern


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Some people like overly designed crunch.

Others prefer softer systems that focus on other aspects of story telling.

I don’t think there’s a wrong or a right.

But look at Gandalf. We never hear any mechanical aspect of his magic that i can think of. Sometimes he literally just seems like a guy who is deceptively powerful in hard to describe ways. No fireballs, no “speak this incantation to cast this spell” he just has this magical nature that you can’t quite put your finger on. To me, that seems like how magic would appear to a normal person in a fantasy world.

I appreciate soft magic. I can appreciate hard magic but it needs more than just an insanely well fleshed out world and magic system, which are the two things Sanderson has in spades. The other aspects of his writing don’t resonate with me