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Go tour some houses and hope I can leave the purgatory of home buying soon.

Anyone got thoughts on Fulton Hill? I don't know much about the neighborhood except that it's close to Churchill.

I'm looking for a neighborhood with trees, where I can have easy access to a coffee shop and good dog walking streets. And semi close to the airport and under 400k. Any recs?


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But am I incorrect in stating that conceding is not required by law? The winner is the person who wins the most votes per the law. So the act of conceding doesn't legally impact the election. Many candidates do not actually concede, particularly in small, local elections, mostly because no one is listening.

I'm not stating anything about if the candidate should concede, I'm just saying they aren't required to.


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Conceding is not required for the winner to win. It's theatre to concede rather than having any legal meaning or impact on the race.

They likely used RCV because he may have been the best choice presented. They did the same for Amanda Chase to make sure she didn't win the nomination iirc.


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Had a solo Thanksgiving (even put the poodle in boarding for the night 🐩). Cooked myself my own Thanksgiving meal and even though it was just me, I still ended up with too much food. Got to test some new recipes and all around very happy with the result. Played Fire Emblem for most of the day 🔥


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Reddit city subs always talk about the worst of a city. If you have street smarts you'll likely be fine. Taking the same precautions you'd take anywhere will do a lot for you. You're going to vcu and living on campus or in the vicinity of campus so I'd be surprised if you end up in a "dangerous" neighborhood.

Also keep in mind bad things can happen anywhere.