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> This time last year a lot of people were staying at home due to omicron

If I remember correctly, homicides were actually up pretty severely the first three or four months of 2022, and it was only a major drop later in the year that led to an overall decline. If that is the case, then this sharp rise in homicides is even more alarming.


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He is asking why the OAG isn’t providing evidence of the efficacy of its diversion programs.

> What, if anything, do those 19 percent “no paper” cases say about the credibility and effectiveness of D.C. policing?

> How effective are OAG’s much-touted violence-interruption and “evidence-based” diversion programs in deterring youth criminal behavior and reducing recidivism? Hard data is unavailable.


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> Presumably if this wrongfully shot man was "reaching" for something, it would've been a pipe

There's absolutely no reason to assume that. You assume that the officer was still looking for the original suspect, when it is entirely possible that he arrived at the scene and found a completely different incident.

> But we don't even know if he was reaching for anything or what the cop said, because cops lie all the time

This might shock you but criminals lie too! Except cops wear bodycams, so we'll see.