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I don't mind the addicts as much as I do the teens. I feel bad for people with drug addiction. it's a medical problem that needs medical intervention, but our city has chosen to not give them that bc the safe injection site got nimbyed away. the teens however, are evil and terrifying. was on the trolley the other day and they were yelling the entire time, mostly insulting the appearance of other riders, and eventually throwing pennies and loose change at one old lady. you can't even really intervene bc the kids are so fucking insane they may just beat the shit out of you. there's no recognition of consequences for their actions. we so badly need to create activities for kids after school, bc the absence of those is creating a massively toxic culture.


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pretty sure the 5200 Warrington development came to be the way it is after RCO negations, and Gauthier put out a statement saying that she was somewhat disappointed that's what it took to build more housing. could be wrong, but thats my memory of it. Gauthier also hasn't been the chronic downzoning, anti-septa, anti-bike, anti-vision zero tyrant that Clarke or Johnson have been, and has been busy getting the protected bike lanes on chestnut all the way through Cobbs creek, and is trying to get a much needed similar one on walnut. she's supported trolley modernization, and she's consistently been one of the better councilmembers on vision zero. that's infrastructure and investment in impoverished communities, and it's what's separates her from the likes of a lot of the rest of the council, and why I'd be happy to have a mayor in her faction.


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idk, I felt like Gym's answer was fine. she seemed to me to be saying that we should curb displacement while allowing in new residents to greeting neighborhoods, and creating more affordable housing tax incentives for developers. all that sounds good to me. she has also been a close ally with Jamie Gauthier on the council, and while Gauthier has done some housing things I disagree with, it's clear to me that she is willing to invest and build infrastructure in working class neighborhoods in her district, unlike most other councilmembers in districts with high poverty areas.


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I never said stop arresting people for violence, I said that arresting more people is linked to more crime, and so arresting less people for things like possession of drugs, petty theft, and other minor offenses is good, and not charging those people is good policy.


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take a look at the list for yourself and draw your own conclusions. sort by incarcerations per 100k and scroll until you find a low-poverty nation anywhere near the US. then come back here and tell me the problem is we don't arrest enough people.


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we've put up with that because of decades of tough on crime DAs who have put massive swaths of the city into deep poverty. we need to stop doing that if we ever want crime to get better long term. the US has the highest incarceration rate of any country on the planet, yet somehow, we still haven't become the safest country on the planet. we need to try something different, and allowing time for families to build wealth without being incarcerated is a good idea.


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that's why I always hate when people on hear complain about krasners policies "not working." like, yeah, you're dealing with multi-generational poverty. nothing that the DA has power to do will improve the situation overnight. it'd take decades of no mass incarceration to even begin seeing the effects of such policies.